We offer marketing automation services and manage your customers and leads

The pdc Group is a full-service agency that operates consulting and services units that work together perfectly to achieve your goals. We view ourselves as an agency for customer management that can offer you and your customers a broad range of marketing and IT services and tools.

Services + Technology – all from a single source: Know-how and expertise since 1979.


Communication volume has quadrupled within one generation, but the capacity of human beings to process the information communicated has stagnated during this time. Consumers are being exposed to more and more information, and inevitably this is leading to a constant state of information overload. Changes in the way people use media are also leading to a fragmentation of target groups. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to address customers in a targeted way. At the same time, it is crucial to establish contact with customers and potential customers in a more extensive and sustainable manner. This complex situation makes it necessary to take into account not only industry and company-specific requirements and wishes but also the different ways in which target groups use communication media. Thanks to our many years of experience with consulting and the management of one-to-one marketing activities, we are ideally positioned to address all of these challenges and requirements.


Our main areas of expertise include corporate, marketing and IT consulting and market research. Together with leading partners from the fields of e-business, IT solutions and telemarketing, we have created a network of companies that complement each other perfectly. The resulting synergies enable us to offer our clients an optimal range of services. We work in line with the principles described below in order to determine and analyse individual client requirements and needs and develop a strategic and operational plan to ensure these are effectively met.