1 Satisfied customers are loyal partners

Our objective is to understand our clients' requirements and tailor our services to their specific needs.

We know that if we are able to offer our clients comprehensive solutions, we will have an opportunity to establish long-term relationships with them – and this idea forms a major component of our strategic corporate policy.

At the same time, we are very much aware of the fact that we ourselves cannot provide all the services our clients need, which is why we have a broad network of talented partners that enables us to offer across-the-board solutions.

This approach, and the philosophy behind it, helps ensure the highest degree of satisfaction for us, our clients and our partners.

2 Reliability allows no compromises

We believe in reliability and we are reliable – we owe that to our clients and partners. We always seek to achieve a high degree of flexibility and quality with regard to our processes. We don't just pledge quality – everything we do is aligned with our quality standards, and we're constantly looking to improve wherever we can.

We continuously invest in our infrastructure and service organisation in order to ensure we can remain flexible and reliable.

To this end, we also keep our employees up to date with training programmes and other measures that ensure their processes remain efficient and their performance high. We also continuously monitor the effectiveness of such measures, which is why we are able to set such a high standard when it comes to reliability and flexibility.

3 Motivated employees are the key to success

Our employees are our partners. We do everything we can to support and inform them in order to ensure an open and healthy work environment. Every employee is responsible for carrying out the work he or she is assigned – and for the performance they display when doing so. Every employee has the opportunity to fully apply his or her specific skills in their work assignments. We continuously support our employees in this respect and in many other ways as well. Ultimately, optimal collaboration requires open and extensive communication. Every employee therefore has the right to receive all the information he or she needs to effectively carry out work assignments. We employ a situation-based management style that's designed to foster the development of solutions through collective teamwork – solutions more in tune with the needs of the market than those offered by our competitors.

We expect the people who work in our service-oriented environment to display a high degree of dedication and effort. A company such as ours that's committed to outstanding service needs to have special people with special skills.

We're proud that our employees support us with their efforts and in this manner contribute to our common success.

4 Innovation is the key to safeguarding our future

Flexibility and speed on the market is of crucial importance these days. We are safeguarding our future in the crowded CRM market by continuously searching for new services, products and tools. In order to do this, we first need to clearly define and evaluate the potential involved. Our service portfolio is geared towards the needs of our customers. For this reason, we are always prepared to make any necessary adjustments in our three main areas of marketing technology services, marketing research services and information technology services. We are fully aware of the fact that we constantly need to meet new requirements with regard to our clients, our tools and our partners. We monitor new trends and integrate these into our development activities in a timely manner. We view market niches as opportunities that need to be systematically addressed, which in turn requires a high degree of flexibility, continuity and client focus on our part.

We aim to be proactive rather than reactive on the market. We possess a wealth of knowledge – and we know how to use it effectively and efficiently.

5 Fair and proactive approach to the market, our competitors and the environment.

We are a solid and therefore serious company. We make honest offers for honest services and we never enter into any type of price agreement whatsoever. Openness and honesty are as much a part of our culture as good cooperation and fairness on the market. However, this attitude does not prevent us from asserting ourselves fully when it comes to implementing new ideas and services on the market.

We also understand that it is dangerous to underestimate our competitors and, more importantly, to overestimate our own performance capability. That's why we search for benchmarks, observe the competition and react to what we see.

We are members of several industry associations in which we actively participate.

6 Solid and balanced financial management

The healthy balance we maintain between external capital and our own equity guarantees our decision-making independence and the freedom to design our developments and services in what we believe is the best possible manner. We aim to remain independent, but we also specifically seek out partners who can help us expand our services.

We maintain a professional relationship with our bank, and we continuously monitor and coordinate our finance activities, which are a key component of our overall operations.